How Dancer, Kodak Died – Her Best Friend Narrates Her Last Moments-katamablog

Nigeria has been very solemn yesterday due to the death of one of the most popular dancers in the country, Kodak, The incident leading to her death was quite unclear as all we knew was that she was electrocuted while at the house of Nigeria’s top music video director, Clearance Peters. We have now gotten more information with much credit to popular blogger, thegistlover who has now released a eye witness account from one of Kodak’s closest friend and this was her narrative:pouch, she wasn’t wearing slippers, and she was sweating on her palms ..Lockdownshe was sitting on the floor…. Where she was sitting was on the entrance and the door is a slide, u know where the slide door is fixed the railings is made of iron and her thigh was on it .. The moment the current pass through to her hands n went through her body then she tried throwing the phone that was when we noticed the phone fell on her chest and burnt her chest leaving on her | skin the scale of a burn from pressing iron…. At this time we heard a faint . sound from her slowly laying here back to the ground .. u know she’s a lively queen. We had though she was making a selfie video all this while.Until we. saw smoke from her chest ..o~

There you have it guys, she literally passed on due to negligence of the government in providing standard electricity equipment for households in Nigeria

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