Osun State governor, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola has announced the rules and regulations guiding the partial lift of Covid ’19 lockdown which began all over the country some one and a half month back. Following the national broadcast made by President Muhammadu Buhari earlier this week, all state governors are directed to relay the message of Buhari to their residents. The rules guiding all states apart from Kano are similar. It could be recalled that Kano State is presently recording massive death rates mysteriously, which prompted the federal government to announce a total lockdown in the state. Below is a summary of what Governor Oyetola rolled out to Osun state people which was in tandem with the other 34 states of the federation.

  1. Total Lockdown extends to 11: 59 PM on Sunday 3rd May 2020. Effective from Monday May 4th 2020,
  2. Partial lockdown between 6am and 5pm from Monday to Thursday.
  3. Total lockdown from 6pm on Thursday to Sunday.
  4. Dusk to dawn curfew from 6pm – 6am from Monday to Thursday.
  5. Ban on public, religious, political and educational gatherings remains in force. Additionally, all major markets shall remain closed.
  6. Inter-state travels are forbidden and as such, our boundaries remain closed.
  7. Intra-city commercial transportation will be permitted to work from Monday to Thursday every week from 6am to 5pm. But they are required to adhere to strict social distancing directives. Commercial vehicles, that is: buses and taxis, shall carry two passengers per row with each passenger sitting at the extreme end of the vehicle. While commercial motorcycles (Okada) shall carry one passenger, tricycles shall carry not more than 2 passengers and no passenger in front.
  8. Officers and staff on Grade Level 12 and above, Administrative Officers irrespective of their grade levels and those on essential services and those whose services may be required by the Accounting Officers are to report at their desks, Monday to Thursday at the usual working hours.

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