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Trump Wants Female nominee for Supreme Court

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday he will leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for Democratic President-elect Joe Biden.

In the nearest he has come to a concession, Republican Trump said if Biden is certified the election winner by the Electoral College he will depart the White House. Biden is due to be inaugurated on Jan. 20.

The Electoral College is due to meet on Dec. 14.

Trump made the comments at the White House after speaking to US troops during the traditional Thanksgiving Day address to US service members.

Biden won the Nov. 3 presidential election with 306 Electoral College votes – many more than the 270 required – to Trump’s 232. Biden also leads Trump by more than 6 million in the popular vote tally.

Covid-19 Vaccines for Africa ‘Might Not Be Available Until Second Quarter of 2021’

Trump has so far refused to concede the election and continues to claim without evidence that the election was marred by widespread fraud, and that he and not Biden won it.HomeHEALTH

Covid-19 Vaccines for Africa ‘Might Not Be Available Until Second Quarter of 2021’

November 27, 2020 Reading Time: 2min 0  0 0

Africa may have to wait until the second quarter of 2021 to roll out vaccines, according to the continent’s top public health official.

“I have seen how Africa is neglected when drugs are available” in the past, John Nkengasong, Director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

Africa last week surpassed two million confirmed coronavirus infections. Nkengasong warned that “it’s clear the second wave (of infections) is here on the continent

of 1.3 billion people.

He told reporters that it will be “extremely dangerous” if more developed parts of the world vaccinate themselves and then restrict travel to people with proof of a vaccination.

The Africa CDC has been discussing vaccine options with Russia, China and others as it seeks not to be left behind in the race to obtain doses. Nkengasong said the continent will need about 1.5 billion doses, assuming two per person, to reach the 60% coverage needed for herd immunity.

The Africa CDC is “very, very encouraged” by promising news from a handful of COVID-19 vaccines in clinical trials, though the cold storage needed to roll out some of them in Africa will be a major challenge, Nkengasong said. He cited such logistics in his prediction for when vaccinations in Africa will begin.

“The worst thing we want for the continent is for COVID to become an endemic disease” in Africa, he said.

The World Health Organization’s Africa chief, Matshidiso Moeti, in a separate briefing said the goal is to vaccinate 20% of the population on the continent by the end of next year.

But the WHO warned that a study of the 47 sub-Saharan African countries in its region found that only just under half, or 49%, have “identified the priority populations for vaccination and have plans in place to reach them,” and just 24% have adequate plans for resources and funding.

It could take more than $5 billion to roll out a COVID-19 vaccine in Africa to priority populations alone, the WHO says — and that doesn’t include the costs for delivering the vaccines.

In one hopeful development, authorities have begun distributing 2.7 million antigen tests throughout the continent, which Nkengasong said is “perhaps a game-changer” that allows for faster and easier testing.

So far, about 21 million tests have been conducted across Africa’s 54 countries.

Rita Osakwe/Agency Reports

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